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Our Work

Please explore a few of our past client engagements. Due to the strategic and transformational nature of our work, our clients' identities are always kept confidential for case studies.

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Global Life Sciences Tech Provider

Using brand to drive a strategic and organizational transformation from a product-driven company to a solutions and outcomes company.


Capabilities Deployed: Brand, Strategy, Creative, Insights, Innovation, Culture

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Major U.S. Credit Card Issuer

Brand repositioning, business innovation and broad-scale transformation in response to an economic downturn and industry disruption.

Capabilities Deployed: Brand, Strategy, 

Innovation, Insights, Culture

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Global Entertainment Tech Company

Building and leveraging a consumer brand to enable growth and product/service expansion in a hostile B2B environment.

Capabilities Deployed: Brand, Strategy, Insights

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Major North American Retailer

Overcoming a flattened growth curve through brand repositioning, strategy clarification and creation of a brand-driven organization.

Capabilities Deployed: Brand, Strategy, Culture, Insights

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US Microfinance Startup

Competitive positioning, rebranding and strategic blueprinting in advance of an impending IPO.

Capabilities Deployed: Brand, Strategy, Creative, Innovation, Culture

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International Biotech Company

Employer branding and culture strategy to support a transformation from R&D to full commercialization.

Capabilities Deployed: Brand, Strategy, Creative, Innovation, Culture

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Fitness Technology Startup

Using brand strategy to revitalize and capitalize on the market opportunity for a 10-year old start-up.

Capabilities Deployed: Brand, Strategy, Culture, Insights

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US Wealth Management Firm

Brand repositioning and development, strategy execution, and organizational alignment to capture "money in motion" after an economic downturn.

Capabilities Deployed: Brand, Strategy, Innovation, Culture, Insights

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